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The Great India School Celebrates Success of Annual Sports Fest 'Sportica'


The Great India School celebrated the success of its annual sports fest, 'Sportica'. The event saw a tremendous turnout of students who participated in various sports competitions, including football, cricket, and badminton. The event was held to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among students.

The students showed great enthusiasm and sportsmanship as they competed against each other in a friendly and competitive environment. The overall tournament was won by Swami Vivekanand House, which emerged as the champion with their exceptional performance in multiple sports categories.

The school management and faculty members congratulated all the participants for their outstanding efforts and contributions to the event's success. They also appreciated the teamwork and collaboration among the students, which helped in creating an atmosphere of fair play and mutual respect.

The event was a great success, and the school looks forward to hosting more such events in the future to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents beyond academics.

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The Great India School Celebrates Annual Function along the theme of 'Bharat Ki Yatra'

The Great India School, Raipur, recently celebrated its annual function with great enthusiasm and fervour. The chief guest of the event was none other than the renowned Professor Ram Kumar Kakani, an expert in the field of economics and a well-known personality in academic circles.

The theme of the event was 'Bharat ki Yatra', and the students of the school showcased the journey of India as a nation from a British colony to becoming the world's largest democracy. The program was a true reflection of the school's commitment to academic excellence and cultural diversity.

The students put up a spectacular show that left the audience spellbound. The performances ranged from patriotic songs to traditional dances, and each one was executed with perfection. The event was a testimony to the students' talent and the dedication of the school's faculty.

Professor Ram Kumar Kakani, the chief guest, was highly impressed with the performances and congratulated the students on their efforts. He commended the school's emphasis on overall development and the nurturing of talent in all areas, be it academic, cultural or sports.

The event was attended by parents, students, and well-wishers of the school. The management of the school expressed their gratitude towards the chief guest, Professor Ram Kumar Kakani, for gracing the occasion and inspiring the students.

The annual function was a grand success and a true reflection of the school's vision of providing a holistic learning environment to its students. The Great India School continues to strive towards excellence and prepare its students for a bright future ahead.


Hon'ble Governor of Chhattisgarh unveils Netaji's statue at The Great India School

The Great India School held a grand unveiling ceremony of a life-sized statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on its campus. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Sushree Anusuiya Uikey, the Governor of Chhattisgarh, as the chief guest, and Shri Girish Chandel, the Vice Chancellor of Indra Gandhi Agricultural University Raipur, as the special guest.

The ceremony was a major milestone in the school's journey towards achieving the vision of its Chairman, Acharya Surendra Pratap Singh, who envisioned a campus that pays homage to the founding fathers of independent India. The statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is a testament to this vision, and it stands tall and proud on the school's campus.

The Governor of Chhattisgarh, Sushree Anusuiya Uikey, gave a heartwarming speech at the event, drawing inspiration from her personal life and struggles. The program was an emotional and historic event, marking a proud moment in the journey of The Great India School.

The school's commitment to preserving the history and heritage of India is reflected in this initiative, and the unveiling ceremony was a fitting tribute to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, a freedom fighter and one of the most revered leaders of the Indian Independence Movement.

The Great India School continues to strive towards excellence in all its endeavors and remains dedicated to creating a campus that is a true reflection of the rich cultural heritage of India.

Sainik School Counselling

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We are thrilled to announce that the E-Counselling for admissions into Class VI through the All India Sainik School Entrance Examinations is currently in progress. As you navigate through this significant decision for your child's academic journey, we are delighted to extend an invitation for you to consider The Great India School in our esteemed New Sainik School Section (NSS).

Navigating through the admissions process has been made seamless and convenient through our dedicated portal: Here, you can explore the opportunities awaiting your child at our institution and initiate the admissions process effortlessly.

Should you have any questions or require assistance at any step along the way, our devoted School Counselling Team stands ready to support you. Feel free to reach out to us at the following contact numbers:

95846 90000        98274 95453

We understand the significance of choosing the right educational institution for your child's future, and we are here to ensure that your journey with The Great India School is as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Breaking News: The Great India School Recognized as a New Sainik School by Sainik School Society, Raksha Mantralaya

We are thrilled to announce a monumental achievement for The Great India School as it is officially recognized as a New Sainik School by the esteemed Sainik School Society, under the aegis of Raksha Mantralaya. This recognition marks a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence in education, particularly in the realm of military education, and heralds the dawn of a golden era for this specialized field in Chhattisgarh.

The alignment of the mission of The Great India School with that of the Sainik School Society underscores our shared dedication to nurturing young minds with a strong sense of discipline, leadership, and patriotism. Through a curriculum steeped in academic rigor, physical fitness, and moral values, we aspire to empower our students not only with academic knowledge but also with the virtues and skills necessary to become responsible citizens and future leaders of our nation.

As a New Sainik School, The Great India School will continue to uphold the rich traditions and values upheld by the Sainik School Society while also infusing our unique ethos and innovative educational practices. This recognition opens up a world of opportunities for students aspiring to pursue a career in the armed forces, offering them specialized training and guidance tailored to meet the rigorous demands of military service.

We are immensely proud of this achievement, which would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our dedicated faculty, staff, students, and parents. Together, we embark on this exciting journey towards excellence in military education, with a shared vision of shaping the future leaders of our nation.

Join us as we celebrate this momentous occasion and look forward to the promising future that lies ahead for The Great India School as a New Sainik School.