Frequently Asked Questions

While no boarding school can guarantee academic success, The Great India School provides a structured and disciplined environment that equips students with important life skills. Additionally, expert supervision ensures that students receive a nurturing environment where they can learn and thrive.
Most students acclimate comfortably within the first month of transitioning to boarding school. In the event that a student experiences homesickness or struggles with the transition, The Great India School offers a supportive environment with opportunities to make new friends and socialize.
Reputable boarding schools like The Great India School have checks and balances in place to foster a positive and supportive atmosphere. If a student does begin to exhibit negative behavior, the school has a support structure in place to guide them back on track while preserving their self-image.
Most children actually develop a deeper appreciation for their family and home life after attending boarding school. However, it's important to approach the transition in a positive and supportive manner to ensure that the child doesn't develop negative emotional patterns. The Great India School offers counseling and guidance to parents and students to help them understand the benefits of attending a boarding school.
The Great India School allows students to call home once a week for 20 minutes. Visits are allowed on alternate Sundays, and students can go on outings with parents for the day. However, they must report back to campus before the designated time.