A word from the Principal

Being a teacher, I have learnt that children grow up seeking role models. Many educationists say that a child is as good or as bad, as her role models. This is indeed a profound statement because if its true, then a child's parents are her first role models. Most of us who have been blessed to become parents, understand that it a very complex task to raise children. More often than not, we struggle to create an ideal environment for our kids to thrive. A child must not be deprived from an environment of love and compassion. The day boarding and boarding programmes at The Great India School is designed to provide a wholesome environment to your child. We focus on our core values of Integrity, Kindness, Determination, Humility and Courage. These values help our students to become more well-rounded individuals. We believe in the power of goodness and encourage our students to ask questions. There is an environment of healthy competition, which is balanced by respect for individuals and individuality. We use many cutting-edge teaching technologies that help students to understand concepts better. Our various social initiatives have been successful in sensitizing our students towards various social issues. I welcome you to explore more about The Great India School. Here is a thought that I would like to leave you with,  "If kids are not enjoying the process of learning, what worth is learning?"

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Agrawal , Principal The Great India School M.Sc.(Mathematics) IIT Kanpur