The Vision

The Great India School or TGIS is a day boarding and boarding school that is dedicated towards nurturing strong individuals of this nation. The school has worked towards instilling value based holistic education in its students since its very inception.

TGIS is situated in a serene 35-acre campus that is secure and has lush green landscaped gardens. The school has a culture of discipline and humility. We strive to instil values of integrity, kindness, determination, humility and courage in each and every student who walks through our doors. The Great India School dedicates a substantial part of its existence to Nation Building. A strong nation is made by strong individuals and we believe that we will play our part in Nation Building by nurturing strong individuals who understand the core values of this institution. While in the classroom, every child is encouraged to think on their own and come up with questions, outside the classroom, the students are shaped into more well-rounded individuals by exposing them to sports and extra-curricular activities. We deeply care about students becoming aware of the choices they make in their day to day to life.

The school also encourages students to appreciate and respect the value of time, nature and most importantly, their parents and teachers.

The vision statement: To mould students into healthy, aware and empowered individuals who will respect and safeguard the integrity of the nation by living up to the highest potential of their individual lives.