Fundamental Rights

Learning Opportunities – Students have a complete right to learning new things and also develop their own learning style that is different from others. They will be provided with opportunities such as participating in classroom projects and assignments that help them expand their knowledge. Students have a right to be a part of such study modules that help them in understanding their learning logically and consistently.

Safety in School premises – Safety is a concern and every student has right to be in a secure and healthy environment. There should be no physical or mental harassment. Moreover, students must keep the classrooms free of conflicts, bullying and physical fights. 

Proper guidance – Every child has a right to get proper counselling and psychological help whenever necessary.

Regular feedback – Students have a right to be informed about their academic as well as extracurricular progress by their teacher on a regular basis. This helps students to improve in the weaker areas. The feedback should not only be about the subjects mentioned on the report card but also about their behavioural, moral values and uprightness. 

Leadership and Team participation – All students have equal rights to participate in activities at school, be it sports, academics, extracurricular. These activities will impart knowledge and skills that are practical in nature like motivational skills, interpersonal skills, logical and cognitive ability etc.  

Fundamental Duties

 Discipline and Integrity – Students must follow the rules and regulations of the school at all times. They must maintain the decorum along with their classmates and not influence them with unethical activities. Students must listen to their teachers' guidance and be proactive with their studies as well as extracurricular activities. 

Implement learning into practice – Students must not only maintain their academic record good but also implement their learnings. 

Be responsible towards school’s property – Students must not damage or waste any of the school’s resources. They must at all times be prudent in utilising the resources provided to them and must ensure that the infrastructure provided to them is clean and usable for others.

Ethical use of facilities at school – All great Indians should be committed towards ethical use of all the facilities provided to them by the school.