A word from the Chairman

Dear Parents and Beloved Children,

A strong education is very important for a strong nation. Nation is an inseparable part of one’s identity. For securing a bright future for ourselves, we must study and learn from our past. We must learn from the lives and times of the great Indian people who struggled against an insurmountable oppression and yet emerged victorious.

Today, we are creating an environment of sensitivity towards the nation by establishing the various academic programmes at The Great India School. You should try and visit our campus at Sainathpuram to witness how we help our students live in harmony with nature and their fellow beings. You will definitely appreciate our efforts towards instilling a sense of routine and respect for discipline in life among our students. We emphasise a lot on the value of the sacrifices made by our countrymen during the independence struggle.

I invite you to visit the Shaheed Gallery at The Great India School. The Shaheed gallery chronicles the struggles of scores of martyrs, some of whom were as young as 10 years old. We instil values of Integrity, Kindness, Determination, Humility and Courage. All of these values are very important for us and we try to live by them every-day. We teach our students to look at these values whenever they feel that they are in any dilemma.

I deeply urge the parents to understand that your nation should and must be the first and foremost aspect of your identity. We must believe that it is important that nation and its interest must prevail over bounds created by religion, cast and creed.

To conclude this message, I invite you to be a part of this mission of creating stronger citizens and by consequence, a stronger nation.