Admission Procedure


 The admission process at TGIS comprises three steps. The process can be completed in a single day. 

Campus Visit: We encourage all parents to visit the campus and take in the essence of the school. A campus visit can be arranged by contacting us on the following numbers.

Admission Test: An admission test is administered to ascertain the academic level of the student. The test is based on the CBSE curriculum of the previous class of the student. The student is expected to perform reasonably well in the test, however the test by itself is not the final parameter of granting admission.

Final counselling and submission of documents: After the results of the test, the parents are called for a counselling session where our counsellors will the discuss the various responsibilities of the parents during their child’s time at TGIS. The counselling session is also an opportunity for the parents to discuss their expectations and ask questions about the approach followed at TGIS. After the parents are reasonably satisfied, the admission process can be concluded with the submission of documents and payment of due fee. The details of documents to be provided is given in a later section labelled Document Checklist. The details of the due fee can be found in a later section labelled Fee Structure.