Academic Philosophy

At the heart of the academic philosophy of TGIS lies love for learning and inclusiveness. We strive to ignite in the child a passion for knowing more and being self aware. Every child is special and we believe that inclusiveness is not an end but a means to forming a positive environment for learning. Our aim while teaching is to ensure that child has clarity in concepts and that the child must learn out of curiosity and from the fear of punishment. We encourage our students to ask questions and experiment with ideas. The academic team at TGIS believes strongly in setting up a solid foundation to the child’s academics by emphasizing on basic mathematics, speaking exercises and handwriting development. This will lead to development of logic, language and expression related skills in the child. While at one hand we emphasise on the development of strong academic skills, on the other hand we expose our students to various extra-curricular activities like sports, music and arts. We also have a regular meditation and yoga practise schedule for all students. Meditation is considered to be a cornerstone of our approach as we live in an age of distractions. At TGIS, every extra-curricular activity is designed to enhance an aspect of the student’s personality. Music and Arts are taught with the aim of enhancing the self-expression abilities of the students. Every student learns swimming and learns team sports. While swimming is an essential life skill, team sports are known to help students experience the values of team work, determination, loyalty and integrity. We also like to stress on the importance of our core values. The values of Kindness, Integrity, Determination, Humility and Courage. All great Indians nurture these values and we want to instil these values in our great Indians.