Sports is an integral part of the academic process at TGIS. We offer multiple sports facilities to our students. Read on to know more about the various sports facilities at TGIS.

  1. The Great India Sports Academy: TGIS is home to a dedicated 7-acre multi sports arena. The Great India Sports Academy has a 6-acre turf that can be used for multiple sports that include Cricket, Football, Hockey, Athletics, Archery and Road Cycling.

  2. Health and Wellness Centre: This centre has a semi Olympic Swimming Pool, A fully equipped Gymnasium and a 7,500 square feet Yoga Studio. Every student at TGIS is taught swimming as a compulsory sport. The Gymnasium is used by the older boys while the younger boys are encouraged to focus more on calisthenic exercises. The Yoga studio is a clean and serene space to focus and students use this area to practise yoga and other meditative exercises.

  3. Other Sports:Apart from the aforementioned amenities, TGIS has a Basketball Court, a Volleyball Court, 8 indoor Badminton Courts and a Tennis Court.

  4. Indoor Sports:TGIS is properly equipped to conduct indoor sports. There is a designated room for indoor sports like carrom, chess and table tennis. Additionally, many boarders enjoy playing recreational games like scrabble and Uno.

  5. Cycling Track:The main campus road at TGIS is nearly a kilometre in length. During evenings, one lane of this road is used as a cycling track for the boarders. TGIS has around 40 latest bicycles dedicated for use by students.