Fee Structure

The fee for day boarding covers all the academic, co-curricular, food and transport charges. It covers classroom education, examination costs and other instructional expenses that include the charge for all the teaching technologies implemented in the class. This fee also includes the charges for maintaining the various laboratories and other co-curricular amenities provided to your child including maintaining the sports facilities used by the students. The fee covers the cost of 4 nutritious meals that is provided every-day to the day boarders. Finally, a component of the fee covers the transport expenses for providing reliable transportation to the campus.
The fee for boarders is more than that for day boarders. This additional fee covers for the lodging expenses for providing a clean and comfortable hostel. The additional fee also covers the evening academic curriculum, the additional activities and additional meals for the boarders. This fee also includes occasional recreational visits.
The above fee does not include any provision for paying for competitions whether academic or sports related where the child is competing as an individual. Although the school prepares all of its students to compete in competitive exams and sports, the charges incurred for being a part of these competitions as an individual entrant shall be borne solely by the child’s parents. The above fee also does not cover excursion trips that are optional.

Know more about admissions

Admission open for academic session 2019-2020.Contact school office for more details.