At TGIS, we believe in the power of the written word. We offer a fully functional library with a huge selection of books. The students are encouraged to read new material every week. In addition to the library, we also offer access to web resources. The library also offers access to contemporary newspapers and magazines.


Music plays an important role in the pedagogy at TGIS. Each and every student is encouraged to take up music and learn at least one instrument of their choice. The music facilities also include a recording studio setup where students are encouraged to compose and record their own music.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology at TGIS aims at the holistic development of the child with a focus on life skills and discipline. We believe in the concept of multiple intelligence and that every child is unique.


At TGIS technology plays an important role in the overall methodology. Every classroom is equipped with Tata Class Edge Smart Class technology. There is a state of the art computer lab with a dedicated internet connection. We also offer Language lab, Funtoot and Report Bee.

Sports and Nutrition

TGIS offers training and coaching in a variety of sports including basketball, cricket, swimming etc. All students have access to the state of the art sports complex that has a gymnasium, a yoga studio and a semi Olympic swimming pool. The school kitchen serves 5 courses of nutritious food. The school even has a kitchen garden and a dairy.


At TGIS, we offer premium boarding facilities for boys and girls separately. The rooms are air conditioned and each boarder gets a separate storage space. All rooms have an attached utility space. We also provide housekeeping and laundry services for all the boarders.